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Being the bridge...again

Why the bridge? Well it has been a recurring theme for me to be standing in the middle of two perspectives and create a link between both. This is my standpoint again now, offering to bridge two extremes of an offering to deal with someone who has died, gathering the positives from both sides and creating the new. As ever, I believe completely that families are able to care for and arrange a funeral for their dead; the law does not require you to have a coffin, a hearse or a funeral director - there is very little law to cover. I am absolutely committed to helping people to do this for themselves through advice, information sessions and training. The simple truth is that many love the idea but do not wish to carry out a family led funeral themselves, for all sorts of reasons. And so it turns to why I am offering my services as an alternative funeral director... At one end of the spectrum is the family who carry out a home funeral with little or no outside advice, at the other end is the funeral carried out on the High Street by a (hopefully) independent firm. Both of these options have their place in the choice of funeral practices; I offer the service that sits between the two. I am the family led funeral advocate who provides the services and products of a funeral director but is able to work one to one, with one family at a time, in their own home. My offering is not in competition with any other - it is complementary, simply another choice. It is not for everyone but with a personal, one family at a time service, that is just as well! I am very happy to redirect families to another ethical funeral director that I recommend and admire, if appropriate. I am proud to belong to a number of death related communities; we work together to support each other and I love that. I am very happy to talk to anyone about my work, my rationale and my hopes and dreams for the future of our relationship with our mortality. Sarah

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