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One to one private care at home or at The Potager...

Photography credit: Peter Taylor 2017 - Heatherley Wood

The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants
The Home Funeral Network
The Natural Death Society
The Association of Green Funeral Directors
Natural Home Funerals
The alternative funeral care model...

Care at home from a time gone by, where the emphasis is on holistic care, one family at a time using natural products and environmentally friendly services. I offer entirely personal care on a one to one basis so that the family is at the core of this important life event. The nature of this alternative offering is the individual care, involvement of the family and friends, together with the ability to arrange a burial or cremation and celebration of life, within a shorter time frame than is often the case. There is no compromise on professionalism or quality at any stage, whether cared for in your home or at my premises, The Potager; all eventualities are prepared for.

A personal  Care Funeral is an empowering and loving way to care at the end of life and begin the healing process.

I can help to support a family to carry out a home funeral themselves to whatever extent they need, from being at the end of the phone for advice, to taking someone into my care at The Potager, if they cannot stay at home any longer, to supplying an eco friendly coffin or shroud. Please do just ask!

Sarah Weller - "From End of Life to Funeral."

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