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Natural, personal and compassionate care...

I believe that the rite of passage at the end of life is a time to be marked with personal engagement and care. In contemporary society we have become disconnected from death and look to others to take care of our loved ones. In times gone by, families cared for those who died in their own homes - very gradually we are seeing a revival of this wonderfully empowering practice. Whilst I know that it is perfectly possible to conduct a funeral from home with some research and some self belief, I also realise that many families love the idea of the home care, they do not feel able to carry this out themselves.


From conducting home funerals myself, as well as being a funeral celebrant and end of life companion, I now offer the option for one to one care, working with one family at a time, for a home funeral. This is akin to having a personal funeral director who works only with your family from the death to the burial or cremation. The care is unique and support is given throughout; you are welcome to be involved in the care and arrangements as much or as little as you wish. This service is more than a practical arrangement, it is an empowering and profoundly nurturing experience.


If you would like to arrange for individual, bespoke funeral care for your loved one, then please do call me to talk it through. If you love the idea of the personal care but staying at home is not possible, then do call to talk through the options with me; The Potager now provides a beautiful space within which to be cared for.


My Training

I am an end of life companion, trained by The Soul Midwife School

I am  trained by The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

I am a member of The Home Funeral Network.

I am trained in funeral directing by Green Fuse.

I am trained by Cruse as a bereavement volunteer.

Ethical, natural care.

The natural world is really important to me and so my pledge is to use only natural products in my funeral care. I make my own care of the body products with essential oils and natural ingredients. The shrouds and coffins that I source are environmentally friendly and biodegradable and burial gowns are hand made from organic cotton, linen and alpaca wool.

I do not offer embalming as a process or use any invasive procedures in my care. 

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