My pricing is transparent so that you know what the cost of a funeral will be. If you select a more expensive coffin then the price will be adjusted accordingly but selecting a shroud will mean that the price is lowered. I do not add a premium to coffins or shrouds, flowers or any products used in the care of people entrusted to me.

I have tried to price fairly to offer an affordable funeral option. My simple home care funerals do not comprise traditional hearses and limousines or expensive caskets - your money pays for ethical, natural products and a unique amount of personal care and time spent with your loved one and your family. Families sometimes like to make a donation to a charity with money that might otherwise have been spent on extra items; a wonderful way to 'pay it forward' in memory of a family member.


Some people worry that a burial in a natural site is prohibitively expensive -I hope that you will be pleasantly surprised. 

I source coffins and shrouds from environmentally friendly, ethical suppliers. The products that I use in caring for the body are all natural and prepared by myself specifically for this work. 

Burials can be arranged at a variety of local cemetaries and burial grounds such as Heatherley Wood, South Downs, Clandon Wood and Shamley Green.

Simple Natural Cremation

The ceremony is a key part of this offering, with it held either at the crematorium, or at an alternative location before the committal at the crematorium.


Ashes Interments

Ashes Interment or Scattering

A ceremony for the interment or scattering of ashes can be carried out any at any time following a cremation. You may wish to wait until family and friends from far and wide are able to attend and have the main ceremony with the ashes, with everyone in attendance. Conversely you may choose to have an intimate gathering with close family as a contrast to a larger cremation ceremony.